Was it a morning like this?

Was it a morning like this?
When my Lord looked out on Jerusalem? - Was It a Morning Like This, Sandi Patty

OK I do have to say that "Was It a Morning Like This" is as rocking a song as I have ever heard. It is just so good and Sandi Patty belts it out so well. At any rate, the two lines quoted above talk about a risen Christ looking out over the city where his Father chose to dwell within the midst of his people. 

I know I am being simple here, but I wonder if it looked any different to Jesus after he rose?

I mean, how could it not? People strode this way and that lit with the flame of their Salvation. He breathed in the deep breath of the satisfaction, forever, of God's anger against sin (his wrath). He must have smiled at the peace he, himself, was to breathe on his Apostles and those that would come after him as a result of their preaching. Was he staggered, even a little, at the unleashing of the Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father and himself, to convict, empower, embolden, and comfort those whom he loved? Did he run his fingers through his hair remembering what his creation looked like before we ruined it and anticipating what it would look like again? Did he chuckle, contentedly, with the thought of our mouths agape as we looked at the place he was already preparing for us?

Did he think of me and whisper, "Soon..." knowing that he would capture my heart as I embraced his forgiveness.

My God, it must have been a different world. My God your steps must have been so much lighter. The wrinkles on your beaming face must have scattered the night much more than the sun that rose on your rising day.

Jerusalem was, indeed, redeemed. And all of it, all of this, shed in my heart as well.


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