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"Go. And sin...just a little." Part 4

Part one is here . Part two is here . Part three is here   So let's carry the state we find ourselves in as image bearers a little longer. One of the mysteries of the God of the Bible is that he is a community. A community of three to be exact. A trinity. A tri-unity. God is one and he exists in three distinct, separate persons. From eternity and into eternity the members of the Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have loved each other and related to one another in perfect and complete unity. God holds the perfection of community within himself and does not depend on anyone or anything to display that perfection. This is absolutely critical. Our love relationships that we are to have with our spouses, children, neighbors, friends, and even enemies are rooted in the community of the one God. In fact, they are a key part of our positions as image bearers. When we do not seek to do good to others, to love them as the members of the Trinity love each other, we misrepresent God