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Disappointed a few people When friendship reared it's ugly head? Disappointed a few people? Well? Isn't that what friends are for? - PIL, Disappointed I'm brilliantly flawed aren't I?  An imperfection here, a rough edge there. A glance that betrays my heart's true state. A slight yesterday, an oversight last week when a missed opportunity for a conversation or connection was embraced rather than the person I should have had it with. I have and will disappoint more than a few people during the course of my life here. And that is why I need friends. Real friends. Friends that call to my mind those flaws and imperfections that I need to subject to the control of the Spirit. Friends that see my all-too-often half-hearted attempts at repentance and pray for me. Friends that forgive more than they demand payment from me. Yes, friendship with me has an ugliness and beauty that is all its own. My flaws are in full dress bearing their banner in my parade. Overlook