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Things and places, people and faces

It's things and then it's places Not people and their faces - PIL, Happy? It was dark. Too dark when I walked into my son's room to get him up for our trip to the Little League World Series. I turned his fan off and opened his shade. Not that any light came in as it was 5:30 AM and we needed to be on the road by 6:00. "Time to wake up, Drew. It is time to go Williamsport." Well, we hit the road right on time and I had nearly everything I needed save some gas (I also forgot to bring cash, but that is another story) and we hit Starbucks to get a caffeine fix for the ride down. Drew remarked at how chipper the person was who gave me my iced latte and him his mocha Frappuccino. "Drew, don't worry about using your gift card. I got this one." We had no idea what to expect as we arrived at the park and we got a good parking spot. We walked up to the stadium complex and, eventually, found our seat for the 11:00 AM game. The stadium was to fill up

Death in the Dust Days - part two

Part one is here . This is what I think will be the conclusion of the first or second chapter. --------------------------------------------- This time I would not close my eyes.    No matter how unbearable it would become I would not join him . There was nothing that  would   allow him  to  harken me   to times that brought me anywhere save where I w illed  to go.  As I stared  in steel resolve  at him, his eyes c lenched  c losed .   From time to time a slight flutter would almost open them but I was used to their appearance and  they did not make me  so  afraid  that I sought to  capitu late  to  his leadership .   It  barely seemed   tha t  a minute  transpired  when  his face became  more than lightly   twisted with pain . T he perspiration left his brow and  began to  drip  from the tip of his bumpy nose. As he grew more disfigured and more disturbing to look at I  fixed my gaze elsewhere   for fear of becom ing  even more nauseated than I was. Stealing a glance back t