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A billion salvations

We had some layoffs at my place of employment a couple of weeks ago. I knew virtually everyone who was impacted by the IRIF (involuntary reduction in force) so it was not a comfortable day for me in the least. After all of the activity was over my boss called the entire group together to give us a heads up on what just happened and the reason for it. Towards the end of the meeting one of my co-workers piped up and said that the entire layoff was botched. He mentioned that the "boxes" for packing up the personal things of the employees that were let go were delivered 10 days prior to the layoff and everyone had been walking around on egg shells since the delivery. He opined that the next time this happened it should be done in a better way. It was up to that point I had forgotten all about the box delivery. It was up to that point I had forgotten that I had a conversation with one of my co-workers 10 days prior that the boxes had been delivered and that there was going to be a

It's "compatible"

There was some fear in my heart as I moved from Windows XP and Outlook 2003 to Windows 7 running Outlook 2010. Fear that I would not be able to sync my trusty Palm Tungsten E with my calendar that is managed in Outlook. Well, it turns out my fears were more than unfounded. In fact, with the fix that I dug up on the internet, my synching actually works better than it did under XP. I was having a hard time making it work, but here are the steps I had to take: Install Palm Desktop 6.2 but choosing to install just the HotSync Manager rather than the entire Desktop Install the Outlook 2007 conduit updates from Palm. Install a couple of DLLs from a guy named pizzaboy192 - the link for the DLLs is: The real "duh" moment for me was that I was following all of the directions, but could not get it to work. I forgot that when you replace the DLLs of a running program you have to restart the program. Once I did that with HotSync Manager everything worked