It's "compatible"

There was some fear in my heart as I moved from Windows XP and Outlook 2003 to Windows 7 running Outlook 2010. Fear that I would not be able to sync my trusty Palm Tungsten E with my calendar that is managed in Outlook. Well, it turns out my fears were more than unfounded. In fact, with the fix that I dug up on the internet, my synching actually works better than it did under XP. I was having a hard time making it work, but here are the steps I had to take:

  1. Install Palm Desktop 6.2 but choosing to install just the HotSync Manager rather than the entire Desktop
  2. Install the Outlook 2007 conduit updates from Palm.
  3. Install a couple of DLLs from a guy named pizzaboy192 - the link for the DLLs is:

The real "duh" moment for me was that I was following all of the directions, but could not get it to work. I forgot that when you replace the DLLs of a running program you have to restart the program. Once I did that with HotSync Manager everything worked perfectly.

It is good to be back in business with an old friend.


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