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He will build it, won't he?

Greece #2 had a tough soccer game last night. The boys did not play well at all and, aside from a few good shots and nice passes, there wasn't a whole lot for me to get excited about. That was until I was loading some lawn chairs into the back of the minivan. That's when the night took on a whole new meaning for me and my wife. "I just love your son," she said. I had no idea who she was, but Nan seemed to so I just went with it. The lady then relayed that she was absolutely thrilled to see the big thumbs up that Will flashed towards us when he got his first assist a couple of games ago. He was so happy and the thrill and love of the game that he has looks like it rubbed off on more than a couple of people. My wife thanked her so much for the encouragement (I think I did too but I am not sure) and we went on our way. That little interaction we had last night with (at least to me anyway) a total stranger helped me put something else into perspective that I saw the previ

It happened and it's all right

Recently I blogged about my tendency to think about God rather than express myself to Him . One of the fears I had was that if I didn't think about a certain aspect of God I would miss out on an opportunity to meditate on it or even blog about it later. Well, as a church we were singing Revelation Song to God last Sunday when a thought about something or other entered my mind. I tried my best to refuse it and, after a little bit, it left. I was concerned about it not returning with sufficient enough clarity for me to think about it later or write about it some time this week. Sure enough that thought I had is gone. It is kind of a strange feeling knowing I had something right there in the front of my mind and that I just went and got rid of it. I am not sure I have ever had this happen before. In the not-too-distant past I would have even bent down, gotten the program out, and written it down so that I would not lose it. I wasn't tempted to do that this time at all as the battl