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The privilege of the Dudley family

Listening to a sermon yesterday about the privileges that are afforded to me because of my position as a son of God, and taking in picture after picture of a family that is trying to model their lives after the Savior, I felt something deep in my soul. It was so deep I wept (thank God the lights were down - no one needs to see that!). I realized something maybe for the first time or maybe for the hundredth time: being a member of the Dudley family has it privileges. I am not talking about the one I currently head, but the one I came from. You see, that one, the one I spent over 24 years of my life most intimately tied to, found me in a most excellent state. That place, that home, was built by nothing more than my parents' humble submission to God. It was marked by flaws (like my family is), but those imperfections drove them not further from me, but closer to me through their reliance on God. At a young age they introduced me to the Savior and made sure that I intersected with pe