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My three salvations starring...Fred MacMurray

Well, all right, Fred MacMurray is nowhere to be found, but I have been saved from the penalty of sin, I am being saved from the power of sin, and I will be saved from the presence of sin with or without Mr. MacMurray's portrayal of an aeronautical engineer trying to raise three boys. I have always known that the salvation that God has secured for me from the penalty and presence of sin was to bring me joy in the midst of suffering. To know that I was once hell-bound but, in trusting Christ as my Leader (Lord) and Forgiver (Savior) I have a future in heaven with him and the Father is an amazing thing and cannot be overstated. Literally, it can't. But I need to say that sometimes those past and future events seem pretty far from me especially when I am struggling with something. I know that is a deficiency on my part...just one more I need to add to the list. But then I got to thinking about something. There is another salvation, namely that from the power of sin, that seems muc