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I still seek understanding - Part three

I like, when they talk real loud try to tell you what they know I like, when it blows real hard and it doesn't even show They say: It's plain to see, life is not a mystery to me  - I Like, Men Without Hats It is the shifting and variability of thinking that scares me. Because I seek definition and understanding it is all rather frightening when someone thinks one thing and then, for whatever reason, either changes their mind or even refines their thinking. I would like to think that I am intelligent enough to: Read a book by a particular thinker Understand their perspective Find what portions of their perspective applies to my life Make the necessary changes in my life to conform to their truth claims I mean, don't I do this every day? I see myself in the mirror and notice that my cowlick is sticking up a bit in the back so I wet it mashing it back down again. I get some feedback from my boss (either positive or negative) and I make adjustments to my work habits or

I still seek understanding - Part two

Isn't it strange, but isn't it just like me, To change again? - Ban the Game, Men Without Hats It is not at all strange that I should change. In fact, I am so used to change, so used to growth, that I expect it. The way I see things now is not nearly how I looked at them even 5 years ago. I have grown in knowledge and in understanding of the world, relationships...all of it. I would like to think that I have come to truer conclusions about the world as I have become a bit more rigid in the way that I approach it. I would like to think that my experience has given me some wisdom so much so that I am able to speak truth into other people's lives whether they have asked for it or not. And it is simply there where I find the issue. It is all so variable isn't it? So many shadows and not enough light. I still seek understanding but still find that it is not at all strange that what I knew to be true even last week is quite a bit different than it is today. I guess I s