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Homo Sapiens - Homo Creatus

I was listening to a lecture by RC Sproul on Marxism and something dawned on me that I had never thought of before. It has to do with how we characterize ourselves as a species and how I think we should be defined instead. This is all born from a feeling that I just can't shake that we make far too much of ourselves. Now, according to science, the species of primate that we as humans belong to is Homo Sapiens. I have issues with that statement but that is not what this post is about. Homo Sapiens, in Latin, is roughly translated as "wise man". In other words, what sets us apart from all other species of primate (or other "Homo" that, presumably, existed before us) is that we have attained a higher level of cognitive ability that is characterized as "wise". Now, also presumably, that was our designation for the lack a better term. Given that we were classified as such during the Age of Enlightenment I rather think that it was more carefully considered.

I hate that part the most of all

'Cause I was built for glory, I was made to last God formed these feet to walk golden streets when this hard life is passed Say, "He's doing well on the other side" if anybody asks Say I was built for glory, I was made to last.   Built for Glory, Made to Last - The Lost Dogs I have been to my share of funerals and some rather significant ones of late. Out of everything that is presented at the ones I have attended there is nothing I hate more than the grave site. In fact, I would rather carry 100 caskets 100 miles than spend a single minute staring at one perched a top the hole left by freshly dug ground. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing comforting seeing the body during the calling hours as it lies unzipped from the soul. But somehow it seems less jarring than the grave. At least I can see it. At least it us "up here". At least it is not in darkness disintegrating and dissolving to dust. It never looks perfect, natural, or even close to alive, b