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The Bee Girl - Part 3

I have been chronicling the journey of the Bee Girl in parts one  and two . This is a further exploration of what I see. Peering through the gate the Bee Girl happens upon a magnificent scene. There are no less than 10 people: old, young, black, white, brown, who are all dressed in bee costumes much like hers. They are all dancing together in a green, sunlit field with joyfulness expressed in such a unique manner. This is what she had been seeking in the faces and posture of the people that she had met and that even led her on this journey. Needless to say she joins them. Her somewhat tattered bee suit blends right in with the others and they accept her as one of their own. How could they not? She looks just like them. I can't help but smile in relief that she has found her satisfaction in her image in the ones she now embraces. The ones that have seemingly longed for her. This scene seems so unlike the one in the beginning of the video. But it isn't. It isn't at all. Benea

The Bee Girl - Part 2

For the proper context of this post I would encourage the reader to Part 1 of this series. Well, the Bee Girl rejected the false community that derided her in the talent show. Now in the light that is gracing her as she exited the door to the back stage she journeys to find a community that will be more receptive to that portion of her identity. With apologies to Mr. Spock, the journey she takes is fascinating. She finds numerous groups and individuals for which she performs while still in the bee suit. Admittedly the dance is a little wilder, perhaps more spontaneous, perhaps not, but she dances her heart out for these groups of people in an apparent attempt to make them understand. In short, they don't. She is met with curious stares and confusion. Some merely tolerate her, some come alongside her and even reach out to touch.  Yet, she remains unfulfilled. Her image, the one that drives her, the one in which she finds fulfillment, is not even remotely shared in the ones she seek