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Maybe a bit too pie-in-the-sky

Sometimes I like to pretend that the information that has had an effect on me in a profound way will, similarly, impact my boys. After reading Me, Myself, and Bob by Phil Vischer I was deeply moved by the end of the book where some excellent perspective and counsel was offered. It altered my reality and made me want to make it required reading for my boys when they get older. I guess I have this grand illusion that it will be used in their lives in much the same way that it has been used in mine. Undaunted with my fantastical thinking I have yet another requirement for them. On my way into work I completed listening to a lecture by Dr. John Frame on the presuppositional apologetic approach of Cornelius Van Til. The approach he took, and the balance he struck, literally astounded me. It made me want to make my boys listen to it for it addressed some of the weaknesses I have as I assess what is going on around me and definitely leveled some false dichotomies that I had erected in my min

For a brief moment....

I subscribe to a classifieds service where I get emails concerning things for sale. I have hawked quite a few things and bought some stuff through the service and I enjoy it. Well, a "gem" came through just now that, for a brief moment, I thought about acquiring: FS: 6-1/2 HP Horizontal; shaft gas engine Brand New - Never Run $125 Growing up we always dreamed of having a go-kart. What red-blooded American boy didn't? Of course the lack of resources always got in the way. This was paired with a lack of technical know-how to actually put the thing together and get it to run. Safely. Well, my resources have grown but my lack of mechanical ability has always been with me. I am afraid that no amount of tinkering could make up for the fact that I am clueless about mechanical devices. Every once and a while I'll crack something open, jiggle something here and there, and then make it work out of sheer grace and mercy from God, but barring that I just don't have what it ta

The mouse, the mole, and Me the Barbarian

I remember a few years back that I had an encounter with a mouse in the basement of our former house that left me thinking if I had it in me. I found a mouse that was stuck in our utility sink in the basement and did not have the means to escape. After some ensuing hilarity I finally caught the thing in a coffee can, poked some holes in it (so it could breathe) and let it go in a field on my way to work that morning. I wasn't sure if I could kill another living thing that was more complex than a mosquito or small fish. Well, this weekend I found my answer. We were talking with a neighbor when Nan saw something crossing the street and quickly identified it as a mole. I knew what I had to do. I ran up to the garage and got a spade and quickly made my way down the driveway determined to do it in. Thankfully it got tangled up somewhat in the grass so I was able to place the spade just behind its head and snap its neck in two with it. Another quick blow to the top of the handle of the s

Beyond music, playlists, and podcasts

I still need to do some work on this but I am beginning to find more and more uses for the iPod I received for Christmas a while back. Recently I was on a trip to Sacramento, CA and found myself in a plane for many more hours than I was comfortable with. Of course, I did not have the necessary reading materials, headphones, and other accoutrements that would have made the trip more bearable. Determined not to have that happen again I have been looking for other things to use my iPod for and have stumbled upon a more than little resource called iTunesU. Now iTunes is the main vehicle for getting content onto the iPod if you want to fill it with stuff that you do not already have in CD or other digital form. It turns out that iTunes also has a vast amount of content online that is a bit more academic than entertainment focused. Currently I am listening to a series of lectures by Dr. John Frame from the Reformed Theological Seminary concerning the history of Philosophy. I have listened to

Slowly but surely

It seems to be finally happening. I have, for the longest time, been trying to get my mind thinking correctly about the word "church". It was very easy for me to play lip service to the fact that the church is the people of God rather than the building that they congregate in on a given Sunday. I mean the Bible is pretty clear that is the case. On the other hand whenever I heard the word church I immediately thought of the building. I have been trying to get that out of my head for the longest time. Well, I think that I have turned the corner. I have heard the word "church" from my oldest son and, most recently, a co-worker where my mind went immediately to the people rather than the building. In fact, when I heard it from my son, I got very confused because he was using the word in a context where it could not have been misunderstood as being the people rather than the building. My confusion brought me an amount of satisfaction that is not usually produced when I a