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In your eyes

In your eyes The light the heat ( In your eyes) I am complete ( In your eyes) I see the doorway to a thousand churches ( In your eyes) The resolution of all the fruitless searches ( In your eyes) I see the light and the heat (In your eyes) Oh, I want to be that complete I want to touch the light, The heat I see in your eyes - In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel It was a while ago now, I have no idea how long, that I went to a movie about the making of the album "So" by Peter Gabriel. I have always been a fan of his music and I found more than one song on this album to be intensely spiritual; Sledgehammer, That Voice Again, and Red Rain in particular. I found the most spiritual song, by far, to be In Your Eyes. The lyrics smacked of so much religious imagery and the longing to be made complete in the eyes of someone spoke deeply to me as a pilgrim on my journey into a relationship with God. Well, little did I know that this was Gabriel's intent all along. Gabriel mentioned t

A world that is a reflection of me

I was listening to NPR a bit this morning on my way into work and I was listening to an author that mentioned that in the final scene of a book a girl was finally in a position that she had desired for her whole life. She, in the author's words, was able to "create a world that was a reflection of who she was." In context, the author was referring to a word where her interests (the theater) and her skin color (black) was taken into account to such an extent that she felt instantly at home and comfortable.  I know the feeling well of returning home from an extended vacation or a particularly protracted, yet exhausting, trip and the comfort that extends to my mind and body. I think that this what the author was, in part, alluding to. Yet, I couldn't shake the feeling that inhabiting a world that is a reflection of me is the last thing that I would want. I know me (not as well as I am known) and I also know that no one would want to live in a world molded into my image