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The Edge Effect and the Divine Nature - Part 2

In part one  of this series I noticed something that was true about God and that was expressed in the nature of humanity. It is namely this: when we, as humans, have close relationships with people who are dramatically different from us we have a tendency to be at our creative zenith. We tend to view life in a way that is completely different than what we have fallen into over the near course of our lives. This is also seen in nature in a phenomenon known as the "edge effect". At the point where two ecosystems meet, there is an explosion in the type and variety of flora and fauna. Of course, this should not take us by surprise as the Bible says that nature, and especially man, contains some of the characteristics of God himself. We know, from the Bible, that God is diverse. Now, there is no one or nothing above or beside him, but we find that he is comprised of a singular unity of three Persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The implications of the Trinity are ab