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The gain of forgiveness

I am trying to process this a bit, so please bear with me. I firmly believe that, even though I lose something, I gain more from forgiveness than I do holding onto the debt that others have toward me. I feel that in my soul. But my mind can't help but wander into the communicable attributes that God has, that I can participate in. One of them, of course, is that God is forgiving. There is some tension here and I am not quite sure what to make of it. Made in the image of God I see that I gain more than I lose by forgiving. But, what did God gain? This wholly other God, what would he have lost if he did not forgive? Now I cannot even fathom to think that one iota of his glory and power would be diminished in any way had he just sent Adam and Eve into the hell that they deserved. I mean, really, who could instruct God that the wrath incurred by offense that he inherited through their disobedience would not have been perfectly displayed through their banishment from his presence fore

More, not less

"I thought I'd hate you more," I admitted shivering slightly as his grotesque visage gave way to the small glimmer of light. "The more I saw you seeking my loved ones, or even me I knew I would find you at least more bitter. I never thought you would be sweet." "Who but I can take you to him?" Death asked blinking rapidly as if trying to stay awake. "I'm dying too you know." In a sense he was. In a sense he was being sifted like wheat. My heart began to reach for what began to remain. He sensed what I desired from him. "Go ahead, touch me," he offered. I was more curious but less willing to reach for him in the same manner of his reaching for me during his awful lessons. But he was now more light than wrinkles as his dry, crinkle flesh seemed to puff out smooth. "You remember these hands, don't you?" he asked holding them up in some means of admiration. How could I have not? They reminded me on the ones I had when

This fine water

There was nothing I would have rather done nor place I would rather have been than where I was last night. I know it was a single point in time, something that was either ignored or will be forgotten by the sons and daughters of earth in a generation's time. Yet, it will be forever etched into the heart and mind of God. Not that it changed him in any way, but I pray that we made much of him last night as a church, family, dad, and son. I baptized my brother in Christ last night. My second-born son made the decision to imitate his Savior and show the world that he is one of his. There was the customary nervousness and excitement as we descended into the fine, fine water, but that was all erased as we ignored everyone save him and each other. All of the things that could have happened didn't. All of the things that should have happened did. He was baptized in the name of the person I love the most: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I don't deserve him. I don't deserv