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She pursues me still

The big joke about the beginning of our relationship, if you can call it that, is that my wife had to ask me out a total of three times before I said yes. Now there are a couple of different interpretations of why that was the case, but needless to say I was a bit more passive than she was in seeking a relationship with her. Once I realized who she was then it was obvious that I needed to put a ring on her finger. Anyone in my place would have done the same. Recently, though, I realized that she pursues me still. Last week I was on a plane heading back from a week long trip to Switzerland and France for some work-related activity and I was reading a book called The King of the Earth by Erich Sauer and there he relayed a story about a neophyte philosopher in the presence of Socrates. As he walked in stunned silence next to the great thinker Socrates finally broke the silence with the admonition, " that I may know thee."  And how much like him she is.  As we spo