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As she looked up at me

There was a lot of snow on the roof last Saturday and we knew that the thaw was coming. We have had a bit of water staining on the ceiling in our bedroom (not a lot and it looks like it is just about over) but I knew that I needed to get up to the upper roof for some maintenance. After banging on the ice dam with a hammer and failing to make much progress on it I decided to do what I could and shovel the snow off of the top roof. I was already up there after all. Well, when I got to the back roof and began to clear the snow off I noticed that much too much water had been pooling beneath a layer of ice and I knew that it needed to go. And I needed her to help. And that is when it became much more than just a chore. I needed to carve a channel into the ice dam down to the roof itself and I needed buckets of hot water (close to 10 I thought) to get the job done. I had a hammer, shop vac, and shovel to help but, most importantly, I had her. She agreed to haul the buckets of water from th