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Small mind - even smaller still

My questions right now don't need all the answers Just, please don't ever let go of me No, don't ever stop loving me - The Unattainable Earth, Daniel Amos I often repeat the response Socrates gave to the question of whether he feared death or not. He responded that it was irrational to fear that which we do not know. I agree, but I am woefully irrational. In my life there have been situations and questions that have shaken me, literally, to the core of my being. They have left me at the end of myself and have given me more than pause...they have staggered me. My mind, (as small as it is), my understanding (as feeble as it is), my relationships (as shallow as they are) do not hold all of the answers and counsel that I need. And even if I received it I would not be able to understand it. Those are the times that I throw myself on Him and beg Him to never let go of never stop loving me. Like a child I run into my Daddy's arms and ask Him nonsense questions praying

Goodbye ordinary

En route to Albany from the Atlanta airport I had a great conversation with my youngest son: Drew: "Daddy are you flying Delta?" Me: "Yes I am, Drew." Drew: "Oh good I am soooo glad you are flying Delta Airlines!" Me: "Really?" Drew: "Oh yes. They give you drinks, they give you food. They are the best! You'll have a great time!" I wondered where all this came from, but I then recalled that we flew Delta when we visited our friends down in Asheville, NC. I am in Detroit now and recall our layover here on our way from Rochester to Asheville and back again. I love the wonder that my guys have as they live their lives. It makes me want to be more cognizant of the experiences I am having and look for the exquisite in the ordinary. Is there an ordinary? Not with them. It doesn't even enter their minds. It should have no place in mine either.

Big changes - I just want to be used

"Hi John, Let's break some rules." - Intergalactic Radio Station, Vangelis Last night we were informed of some big changes that are coming down the pike that effect the way I minister at my church and they won't be easy. More than a desire for a particular ministry, I just have a desire to be used by God to bring people closer to Him. If I can, more effectively, help make more and better disciples with a rubber band and a hamster than with what I am doing now you can bet that my next two trips would be to Staples and to the pet store. Even though it is hard and I will miss what I am doing now and what my boys are involved in my goal is not the preservation of the status quo or throwing the Great Commission to the wind so that I can continue in a ministry that I have grown familiar with. That just doesn't compute anymore. It is time to break some rules. It is time for me to grab a hold of ministry that has one measure. The old way of ministering for ministry's

Yes, I have dropped off the face of the Earth

Sorry the updates and musings have been sparse as of late. Most of you enjoy the break but it won't last long...believe me. There is a boatload of hoo-hah that is going on at work and at our boys' school (Northridge Christian) that has had me hopping and hoping that it would all go away. No, actually I enjoy the challenge of being stretched on occasion. It helps me find out what I am made of. We are in the throes of preparation for the annual NCS Auction and God is showing us that he is providing for our needs even before the auction has begun. We have been able to get our hands on some very nice items that we have been able to sell on Craigslist for some serious cash. It look like, when it is all said and done, we will have over $300 to donate directly to the NCS Auction as a result of our selling those items. We have been working with the auction for 11 years now and this is the best (by far) that my wife and I have done with the pre-auction item hawking. It is so great to se