Goodbye ordinary

En route to Albany from the Atlanta airport I had a great conversation with my youngest son:

Drew: "Daddy are you flying Delta?"
Me: "Yes I am, Drew."
Drew: "Oh good I am soooo glad you are flying Delta Airlines!"
Me: "Really?"
Drew: "Oh yes. They give you drinks, they give you food. They are the best! You'll have a great time!"

I wondered where all this came from, but I then recalled that we flew Delta when we visited our friends down in Asheville, NC. I am in Detroit now and recall our layover here on our way from Rochester to Asheville and back again. I love the wonder that my guys have as they live their lives. It makes me want to be more cognizant of the experiences I am having and look for the exquisite in the ordinary.

Is there an ordinary? Not with them. It doesn't even enter their minds. It should have no place in mine either.


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