He will build it, won't he?

Greece #2 had a tough soccer game last night. The boys did not play well at all and, aside from a few good shots and nice passes, there wasn't a whole lot for me to get excited about. That was until I was loading some lawn chairs into the back of the minivan. That's when the night took on a whole new meaning for me and my wife.

"I just love your son," she said.

I had no idea who she was, but Nan seemed to so I just went with it. The lady then relayed that she was absolutely thrilled to see the big thumbs up that Will flashed towards us when he got his first assist a couple of games ago. He was so happy and the thrill and love of the game that he has looks like it rubbed off on more than a couple of people. My wife thanked her so much for the encouragement (I think I did too but I am not sure) and we went on our way.

That little interaction we had last night with (at least to me anyway) a total stranger helped me put something else into perspective that I saw the previous game he played in. Will was in excellent position in front of the goal and the ball happened to come to him. He had a man to beat and it looked like he was going to do it. There was such anticipation on the sidelines for him to score it was almost like the air was being sucked out of our side of the field. Time went very slowly and even one of his coaches was on his knees (maybe offering a makeshift prayer?) in anticipation of him scoring. He missed the shot and the coach on his knees fell on the ground...face first. The other one had his typical response when there was a missed shot, but it seemed to be mush more pronounced after this lost opportunity. The groans on the sidelines were so thick I could almost taste them and I could finally breathe again.

When there was a stoppage in play, and when he was close to me, I just had to encourage him. "See what good position buys you?" I said, "A shot on goal." He agreed and went on to have a very good game.

He's easy to root for isn't he, Dad? You've won him haven't You? Please empower him to bring more and more of his life under the control of Your Holy Spirit. And when he does please help him use these days on the soccer field to build Your kingdom. He'll do it, God. He'll do it for You have willed it.


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