"Go. And sin...just a little." Part 4

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So let's carry the state we find ourselves in as image bearers a little longer. One of the mysteries of the God of the Bible is that he is a community. A community of three to be exact. A trinity. A tri-unity. God is one and he exists in three distinct, separate persons. From eternity and into eternity the members of the Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have loved each other and related to one another in perfect and complete unity. God holds the perfection of community within himself and does not depend on anyone or anything to display that perfection. This is absolutely critical. Our love relationships that we are to have with our spouses, children, neighbors, friends, and even enemies are rooted in the community of the one God. In fact, they are a key part of our positions as image bearers. When we do not seek to do good to others, to love them as the members of the Trinity love each other, we misrepresent God and show a false image of him. We violate our purpose. We sin.

Now, as image bearers, we can show God's abhorrence of sin in the context of these love relationships that we are to have. Let's imagine a party at a friend's house where one person, in particular, has had too much to drink. They have been tipping drinks back all night long and they are now getting ready to leave. The don their hat and coat and fish their car keys out of their pocket and head for the door. I see them and realize that they do not have a designated driver to get themselves home and that they are in desperate need of one. What would be the most loving thing to do? What would protect them and those around them from harm? This is kind of an easy one I would think. I'd take the keys and insist that I drive them home, or I would arrange for someone who knows where they live to do the same. What if they protest? I could, and would, get some support from some people at the party for sure. That person is not getting those keys back.

What if I let them go? What if they protested long enough and vigorously enough for me to give in and just hope for the best as the stumble out the door? Would someone, taking in the whole scene, consider me a loving neighbor? I would think not. I would have had the capacity to act and would have chosen not to. I would have demonstrated that I do not see their issue and the potential for harm that it could cause in the correct light. 

Now, do I know that their drunk driving would definitely cause a serious accident? People drive drunk every day and their are not serious accidents that are caused by drunk drivers on the news every night. Could I make the excuse that I do not, really with 100% certainty, know exactly what is going to happen? I would like to think that I would not make that argument, but I could. I could point to their eventual safe arrival at home and tell those around me that I had the best of both worlds: I did not rock the boat and I "knew" they were going to be fine. Of course, none of that is true but I could breathe a sigh of relief and continue to celebrate with my friends.

We'll soon find out that God does not have that kind of luxury. Not at all.


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