More hospital than resort - Part 2

Part one is here, but it has no real bearing on this post so don't even bother going there. If you don't understand what I am talking about, well, it is probably because I am not as clear as I need to be and my previous post will not clear things up.

In viewing this world, this life, as a hospital more than a resort I got to thinking about my relationship with hospitals. When I am in a hospital, or there is a loved one in one, my first question is always "When can i [or you] get out of here?" There is something very foreign about hospitals - every one in there in convalescing to one degree or another and it is nothing like the world at large (or is it? Actually this is where my previous post would help clarify things a bit so go there if you want to). I want to leave and leave, probably, sooner than I should. But, I am under the care of people that know a lot more about the implications of my malady and they are the ones who will let me know when it is safe to leave; they are the ones that I need to subject myself to.

How much like the world that is. There is an ever-shrinking part of me that wants to stay here. The desire to be with God, where He is and where His will is done all the time, will only increase as I experience and interpret life through His eyes and as more and more of my loved ones end up there. But, just like my stay at any hospital, I am under the care of Someone who knows a lot more about my condition than I do. He has a treatment plan for me and I may even factor into the treatment plans that He has for other people as well. He administers the healing that I need here and my desire to leave this place now shows how little I know about what He is doing in my or anyone else's life. There are so many days that I cannot wait to get out of here, but I need to make sure that, as long as I am here, I am lock step with Him as he makes me more like Christ. He will use all manner of ways to do this, but one thing is clear - He is doing it.

I have to admit that this hospital is, at times, beautiful. The food's more than decent and my fellow residents are, more often than not, more than bearable. Yet there are situations that occur here and there that remind me of this one thing: I am still a man in need of my Savior.


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