Good to be the cutup once and a while

Yes, for those of you that know me pretty well that title may seem a bit strange, but at Northridge Church I actually teach the Bible lesson at our kids' ministry known as High Point. The kids there are fantastic and it is great to work with a bunch of talented, committed people and tell the kids about the bad news of their sinfulness and the good news that God has made a way to have their sins forgiven through His Son, Jesus Christ. Well, during the large group time (when I teach) there are two people up on the stage - a Host and a Storyteller (teacher). The Host is the funny one and the Storyteller is the straight guy and the one that has to reign the Host in as the Host is usually missing something that the Bible is trying to teach or has some hair-brained idea that he is trying to launch.

Well, the past couple of weeks has found me in the Host role and I have to say that it is great acting silly and letting whatever comes to my mind fly out of my mouth. OK, not whatever comes to mind...they are Pre-K through 5th grade after all, but it is fun to be the cut up, fake a bad attitude, tell the Storyteller that he is all wrong, etc. Basically all the things that I could not do in school - because my home life would have been, deservedly, miserable, I can do now with a pat on the back rather than a slap on the bottom.

I know this run will end soon and I will be back to the role that I am Spiritually-gifted to fill, but I can't help but wonder if all those late nights with Dr. Demento and Monty Python's Flying Circus are starting to pay off a bit. Maybe those experiences numbed my mind just enough to make me useful in the Host role at High Point. Maybe.


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