A Sansa Clip and a bag of rice

About a week ago my youngest son mentioned that he lost his MP3 player and he was more than a bit sad. I had just loaded it up with a bunch of music that I thought he would like (everything from Petra to Messiah Prophet) and I knew that he was listening to it often. On my way home from work one night I had prayed that we would find it and it took me about 15 seconds to find it when I got home. It was face down on the front lawn and subjected to a bunch of moisture that was the result of, literally, a record-breaking stretch of rain. Needless to say it was in bad shape.

Well, my wife suggested that I put it in a bag of rice to draw out the moisture. Now there are some open holes in the Sansa that I did not cover before I put it in so I had to shake some rice out of the player before I re-inserted it with those holes jammed full of paper. It took about 5 days, but I tested it this morning and it works as well as it did before it spent two nights nights exposed to the elements in Dudley Forest.

My son was super happy about the situation and was looking forward to listening to it on the bus again. He proceeded to head down the driveway with the MP3 player securely stored in the front pocket of his backpack where we encouraged him to place it from now on...

Yeah - that wasn't what happened at all. In fact I now know how exactly it ended up face-down on the front lawn because he decided it would be great precariously clip it to the bottom of his backpack as he headed off to school this morning. I guess he thought that situation his MP3 player found itself in was just a matter of him not clipping it securely enough to his backpack rather than it not being in the front pocket. Or maybe he wasn't thinking at all.

If he is anything like me I would go with the latter.


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