Bound to heaven-stuff

This is a follow up on my Bound to earth-stuff post.

It seems to me that when I am consumed with the hurts of the past and the people that have hurt me that I am subjecting myself, voluntarily, to earth-stuff. There is no release from that that this world offers. There is no amount of earth-stuff that I can apply to my situation that will take root and result in sweet fruit. The earth-stuff that I can partake of to try to lift myself out of bitterness will only result in my ultimate destruction. There is a way that seems right to an earth-bound human, but the end result is only death (Proverbs 14:12). Not necessarily physical death (although that can certainly happen) but death in other areas of my life whether that is an unhealthy weight gain, a contentious relationship, or some other manifestation of death.

But there is other stuff that I can bind myself to, namely, heaven-stuff. Now I am pretty sure heaven-stuff only has a voluntary binding. In other words, even the one who chooses to reject God has, by their choice, bound themselves to heaven-stuff and will be subject to the consequences of that choice. They have set into motion things that they cannot control and, as a blood-bought son of God, I can too. I can choose to forgive and, in so doing, choose to bind myself to heaven-stuff. This stuff was from the beginning and will be the only thing that will last until the end.

Heaven-stuff is real while earth-stuff is manufactured. Heaven-stuff is a foretaste of our ultimate salvation while earth-stuff is that of our damning. Heaven-stuff is the necessary pain of my on-going separation to be ever more useful in God's hands while earth-stuff is the gratuitous pain of my on-going separation from God and His purposes.

And there it is again - son of earth and son of God that I am. Someday I will hold death's hand and, together, we will run through flowery fields to my Lover. Then I will forever be bound to His heaven-stuff.


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