Unbridled, unadulterated, unrestrained...

I love the words unbridled, unadulterated, unrestrained or any other word that communicates a purity of an activity. What makes me fall even more in love with these words is if they precede others like stupidity, idiocy, or any other world that communicates a lack of any common sense. From what I can tell, it is hard (even for me) to display an unbridled stupidity or do something that is completely lacking in any wisdom whatsoever.

I offer this as an example: if I am confronted with a particularly unpleasant activity, I often say that I would rather "drink a cup full of razor blades" rather than have to participate in it. Now, drinking a cup full of razor blades is stupid, but is it an example of unbridled stupidity? The easy answer is "yes", but, upon closer examination, we find that there is a bit more wisdom in that statement than meets the eye:
  • I would be drinking the razor blades instead of eating them which would save my precious gums
  • I would be holding the razor blades in a cup rather than my hand which, again, would help preserve other areas of my body (namely my palm and fingers)
  • I am inflicting any damage on myself rather than disabling someone else therefore I have not assaulted anyone
  • I thought I had a fourth bullet, but I don't think so now...
So there we are. As blindingly stupid as that action is, it is not quite unbridled in its stupidity. I guess that is what attracts me to those adjectives. They are so hard to achieve.


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