It is one of those little things that just brings great focus to how different my wife and I are in the way we think and do things. This morning, as I was preparing my lunch, I was looking for a sandwich bag and a snack bag (about 1/3 the size of a sandwich bag) and accessed the lazy susan that holds all manner of stuff. Everything you can imagine that one could use to wrap or preserve food is stored in there from wax paper to plastic wrap to Tupperware containers. Well, there is one area in particular that houses plastic bags: sandwich, storage, snack, freezer...all of them are there which is a good thing if you have a brain like my wife's. It is a bad thing for me because of what I am about to share.

So, back to the story. I needed a snack bag and I reached into the bag area and pulled out a quart-sized freezer bag. Nope - back it goes. Then my next acquisition was a quart-sized storage bag. Same resulting action as the previous find. Stuffing it back in the box I realized something very foreign to me. The bags are organized by size with the snack bags in the front, the sandwich bags next, and then the quart-sized storage bags behind them. Then I noticed that the freezer bags are to the right of that. I couldn't explore any more because my head was starting to explode with the realization that there was some type of method that stood in stark contrast to my madness trying to find what I needed.

I would like to think that this post, in addition to my discomfort, would allow me to take advantage of the organization of the bags and not have to randomly pull them out in search of the one that I need the next time. It probably won't happen though. My brain just doesn't work that way.


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