Gallery of the Strange

My wife and I have a running Gallery of the Strange which are people that have some curious habits that we run into on occasion. The current entries are:
  • Beer Lawn Guy
  • Shih Tzu Lady and
  • Walking Cigar Guy
  • Mortar Boy (not the brick kind, the explosive kind)
I have a new nominee for this gallery: Feng Shui Walk Lady.

I am not a believer in feng shui, but there is a lady that walks through our neighborhood that has to be. Her walk is so unique that I think she modifies her gait based on the direction that she is walking. I thought it was a fluke that I saw this strange ambulation, but I caught site of her yesterday and and almost gasped at the site of the way her arms swung, trunk swayed, and legs moved. It was almost like she was trying to secure a nomination in the Gallery of the Strange, but I think it was more of a concerted effort to tap into a flow of good qi.

So there it is. Her nomination is complete and the voting will commence soon. Stay tuned for the results.


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