Wow...just wow

There is a struggle that goes on in me between the part of me that wants to know what God wants me to do RIGHT NOW and the part that knows that I cannot know that. Obviously this cluelessness is in regards to his sovereign will and not his moral will. The moral will is well-known and the obedience to that is more of a struggle for me there rather than it's articulation in my life. No, this is in regards to questions like "Where does God want me to work?" or "What does he want me to eat for breakfast today?" Those are the questions that are difficult to answer if there is no moral reason why I should choose Cheerios over Rice Krispies, for example.

Last October I changed positions in the company I work for. I struggled a bit in that decision, because I had really grown to like my boss and he showed genuine affection for me as well. I couldn't help feeling like I needed to make the jump as I looked at the long-term prospects of real, funded work in the position I was in. So, I chased the money so to speak and talked with some people at a division that I had worked for previously about filling some needs that they had. I made the jump and even secured a promotion through the whole deal. That was God's sovereign will for me at the time. I now realize that it was also his guidance for me to get out of a situation that would be very uncomfirtable for me and my family.

We went through some layoffs here yesterday and it turns out that two of my co-workers that stayed were let go. And it turns out that my boss had to fight hard to keep a third that was on the list to be laid off. There is no doubt that I would have been a target there had I stayed. Would I have been laid off as well? There is no telling that for sure, but it doesn't look like keeping the people in the group that I left was a priority.

I want to thank you, God, for your guidance in my life. Not only have you saved me from sin, but you are also preserving me from times that would have proven to be very difficult. Why did you do it? I rest in knowing that I may never know. Your provision is truly remarkable and I am humbled that you consider guiding and blessing me at all. Help me to bless you by trusting in your provision in ever increasing measure.


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