What would Jesus do (Edith Bunker).

My wife and I were watching a PBS special series last night about American comedy called Make 'Em Laugh. The show we were watching focused on the American television situation comedy and was intensely interesting to the both of us. We even pondered a bit about the greatest American sitcom. There was a point in the show where the comedy All in the Family was profiled and there was one comment about the show, and the way the writers/producers approached one of the characters that stuck with me.

Now, granted, I have never seen a full show of All in the Family and what I know about it and have seen of it I do know that there is a lot about the show that is revolting to me - I would never recommend anyone actually subject themselves to it on purpose. At the same time, one comment made by Norman Lear, I think, was very telling. He mentioned that they approached the activities of the character of Edith Bunker with one simple question: "What would Jesus do?" I am not sure if he is a saved man or not, but I was curious about what he meant by that. Well, thankfully, the producers of the Make 'Em Laugh series clued me in: he said that Edith always reacted out of love.

Now that is telling because that is the very characteristic that defines him so completely and so precisely. His entire life was built on the foundation of his love for his Father and that, quite naturally (if that is the right word) bled over into his love for us...for me. In fact, his love was so perfectly displayed that it was apparent even to a man who, at least at that time, had no real inkling as to who Christ was. But he knew one thing about my Savior: and that is that he loved.

Now this love compelled him to warn, to confront, to admonish, to eat, to drink, to heal, to raise, and to die. His entire life - his righteous life and undeserved death - was born into and completed in love. He is love...so much so that he told me about my sin and invited me to taste and see that he had the solution. He loved me while I hated him and he loves me still.

And thank you, Mr. Lear, for reminding me that Jesus Christ loved. And thank you for your honesty, and for Edith Bunker who, despite the revolting man that her husband was at times, was compelled to love him. Because that's exactly what Jesus would have done. That is exactly what he did for me.


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