The table

I need to build a table this weekend for a table-top game that we got the boys for Christmas. I think I am going to use 4 2x4's for the legs, a piece of plywood supported by some 1x3's and a 1x1 to serve as a lip around the edge to hold the table-top game in place. I think I have all the dimensions right and I just realized that I have an electric drill to use seeing as how I keep frying the batteries on my cordless one (3 in the past year). I think I have a decent idea of how I can get this done and I will run the plans by Nan as a sanity check. She is much better with the spatial-dimensional things than I am (by far).

It should be an interesting project and I certainly hope that it does not require too many trips back and forth to the Home Depot. Thankfully, there is one not 5 minutes from us. The only issue I have is the amount of money I tend to spend there when I go.


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