The life she has

My wife has the pleasure of the continual domestic presence of both a computer and fish geek. That person is me of course (who else would be so dorky?) and this post is about the aquarium that I set up for/with my youngest son.

I went out errand-running yesterday and decided I would stop into the local fish store (Pet World in Ridgemont Plaza - a great store!) and see if they had any Java Fern or Panda Cories (I would like one more of these). I was quite excited to find that they carried Flourish Excel from Seachem as the only good sources I have been finding have been online. I have been dealing with brush and a bit of staghorn algae lately and have found that there is, most probably, an excess of phosphates and a CO2 imbalance that is causing the problem. I have cut the feeding down to once a day to take care of the phosphate issue (hopefully) which left the CO2 imbalance issue.

I tried to go the DIY CO2 route to try to rectify the imbalance without much success so I suspended that activity. My only other alternative was to supply carbon via another route and that is why I scored the Flourish Excel. Hopefully, this is the ticket to beat back that algae that even my wife has commented is out of control.

I gave the tank the first dose last night (5 mL) and noticed that the algae is much less pronounced on at least one of my Anubias hastifolia leaves. I gave a 1 mL dose again this morning and will do so every day until the algae is cleaned up...if this indeed happens. I'll bang out an update as events warrant.

I know...and you're welcome.


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