DVD playback geekamundo

I haven't had a pure tech post in a while, so I thought I would blog about the resolution of an issue I was having with my DVD playback on my Dell Latitude D610. I noticed that a lot of the DVDs I was playing using any player (but in this case Windows Media Player 10.0) were played back at a very low volume. I went round and round with this issue for a while and actually changed a couple of things that made a big difference.

The first thing I did was re-install the sound drivers for the system. I found the right ones on the Dell website and had an easy time getting them installed. A reboot helped in the process. I think I may have been messing around with them to get the sound going on my Ubuntu installation that is set up as the second OS in my dual-boot mode.

The second thing I did was download and install an application called AC3Filter. This is a great little program that I configured to run automatically on DVD playback. It turns out that increasing the gain (on the Main tab in the Properties window of the applciation) gave me quite a boost in volume.

So now I can get the DVDs that are played through the laptop to be a little too lound if I wanted to. All in all a decent solution and a testimony to the power of access to information.


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