A great conversation

I had a great conversation with my boys (the oldest especially) last night when we were on the swing about spiritual things. It mostly had to do with God and what He created. The oldest asked how God created everything (a good philosophical question that, wrongly, has led many to reject the Creator) and I said we did not know the mechanics of how He did it, but that we know He did do it. Obviously I phrased it something along the lines of God being super-smart and we cannot understand how He did what He did. I mentioned to Him that Jesus was God and, after a moment or two of his disbelief, he thought that seemed right to him. So that continued for a while.

Then, just before they both went in the tub, the oldest asked me if God ate food. I said that He doesn't have to eat but that if He wanted to eat He could. Then I said that when we get to heaven Jesus is going to have dinner with us. The oldest took me back a little when he asked if Jesus was going to eat bread and wine with us. I don't think he said "wine" right away, I think he mentioned the "cup" and I said it would be filled with wine which was like grape juice, but not quite. He thought for a little and asked if it would be His blood. I said that it was a symbol of the blood and that it wasn't really blood in the cup. He was a little relieved about that.

God, in your continued pursuit of my sons I am undone. In spite of me the Hound of Heaven has their scent firmly in His nostrils and, tirelessly, tracks them placing pure vision before them through their young, wild eyes. I am speechless and you do more than give me great pause. You stagger me.

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