Blogging blogging everywhere

I guess it is a good thing I like to write. In school I would rather have written a 60-page paper than taken a multiple choice test. At work we were told that every one in our group needs to have a blog. Very work-related stuff (obviously) but a blog nonetheless. For one, I think it is a great idea in that it captures the knowledge that is trapped in our heads most days and gets it out into the collective knowledge of the organization. Novel ways to do things or an "aha!" moment are more efficiently captured and shared through wikis and blogs. I am hoping to do an entry a day in the blog to maximize its potential.

All of that still does not explain all of this, but it is interesting how the workplace is changing and technology is getting more information (and noise) into the air. It is also very helpful that I know how to edit (hack) HTML when I need to as well.


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