Affect follow up

OK, I am still on this affect thing so please bear with me. I think the real work is not necessarily on affect (unless I am constantly being misunderstood) but on the heart where the emotions actually spring from. Rather than trying to mask my emotions or betray them with how I am coming across, why shouldn't I just deal with the emotions that are the overflow of my heart anyway? That would be the most God-honoring thing to do and I am sure that my affect would follow suit.

In other words, if I am concerned I will show concern, if I have a bad attitidue I will show that as well. It will happen. How quickly and with whom is another matter. Time for the real work where I make sure that when confronted with someone who disagrees with me, or even a disagreeable person, my heart drives my affect. I fear it is impossible the other way around.


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