1.0 version of eyeOS

To get geeky once again: I am running an XP machine with an Apache web server on it. It is fairly slow, but it does allow me the opportunity to install and play with web applications that I would not normally get to play with. Today I saw that there was a 1.0 version of eyeOS and I got all excited about it. Not only was I running the 0.93 version of it, but I noticed that the UI was quite a bit different than what I was used to so I was looking forward to the improvements.

Basically eyeOS is a web-based desktop that allows me to create and manage short documents, contacts, and other office-type stuff that are then accessible through a web browser. I would have to say that, along with the MS Outlook I can access via the web, eyeOS would help me do about 70% of my job. That is a pretty good chunk. We are, as a group, looking to do more and more of our stuff on line through blogs and wikis so something like eyeOS would be the next step in the way forward with these web-based tools.

So getting the right tools to allow me to do 70% of my job through a web browser? Yeah - who would have thought that even 5 years ago?


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