Working on a boat with the oldest

What I am listening to right now: Trilogy - Iona, Iona

Well, last night my oldest son and I started to work on a boat that he will be racing in the Spark's Boat Race this Saturday. We are painting it the same colors as Buzz Lightyear (my bright idea) and he seems to be getting into it. I am glad as I like to expand his horizons a bit trying different things. Who knows. Maybe one of these more "novel" experiences will click with him as much as going outside or playing with his trains does.

I am looking forward to finding the giftedness that God has given my boys. Their talents seem to be solidifying a bit (especially in the oldest), but the application of those talents to specific activities is a bit of an unknown at this point.

I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I can. I am in a bit of a pickle as I still have pictures from Christmas in the camera. I need to get those downloaded and backed up sooner rather than later.


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