Reasons to say "yes"

As much progress as I have made in this area, I still tend toward laziness. When my boys (or even my wife) asks for something a little out of the ordinary I have a tendency to want to say "no" or "wait" rather than "yes". Now, my "no" would be fine if there was a decent reason for it, but there usually isn't. Maybe the day was a little more tiring than I would have liked it to have been, or maybe I am just not interested in the requested activity.

At any rate, I need to look for reasons to say "yes" rather than "no". I want those people in my life to see me as an agreeable person who can stretch and bend rather than so rigid that I reject anything off of the beaten path.

There it is. Another admitted temperament weakness of mine. When will the strengths shine? Not this side of heaven I fear.


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