A year and counting

I started this little exercise on November 16, 2005. Today is November 20, 2006. A year has gone by and I have over 220 posts to prove it. So why do I keep doing this? Do I need to answer that? I mean are my motivations that important? They are. In fact, they are everything. I would rather drink a cup full of razor blades than get caught leading someone into sin. I would rather be silenced than continue to talk and pollute someones mind with something that is false. It would hurt (maybe more than the razor blades even) but it would be good.

I guess this writing helps focus me and gives me an outlet. I know I could keep a journal in a not so conspicuous place, but being the geek that I am to say that I have a blog fulfills another side of me I guess. Not that I have publicized this much. It is better for someone to stumble across this than to have them feel compelled to come.

So my words continue to take up space on the Blogger servers and, prayerfully, the good ones in people's minds. But even if they don't this exercise continues to bear good fruit in my life. It is a good gift from a good God and I hope that He can use it to conform me into the image of His Son.

Jus ran the speell chech and I spelt conspicuous write. Cool.


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