Wow, November

When I dragged my son's humidifier into the bathroom to fill it with water for the night he triumphantly exclaimed, "Daddy, today is November because I have Larry sings the blues on my calendar." He has a VeggieTales calendar that goes with his VeggieTales room that he really enjoys.

And time marches on.

There is so much that is short and evil about these days. The energy I spend in making them count for eternity is a worthy investment. Redeeming the time is something great that God does and I want Him to do it in ever-increasing measure through me. I get so weary though and discouraged. Listening to NPR on the way home - everything was about Iraq or the elections. Will everything change if the troops are withdrawn or if the Democrats take the legislative branch?

Everything will change, but nothing of true consequence will change. We'll vote this year, and in 2008, and in 2010 if the Lord so wills it. And this day will be a faded flower of a memory and this time will continue its march.

And I will continue to long for the new Jerusalem. Prayerfully in ever-increasing measure.


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