Little things and big things

One of our pastors presented a sermon where he mentioned that we are so busy praying for good things from a good God that we fail to pray for great things from a great God. I agree and have been guilty of that as well. For example, praying that my son would have a good day in Kindergarten where he payed attention and did his best is squarely in the good things category. Praying that God would get a hold of his heart, save him, and sanctify him for a lifelong molding into the image of His Son - well, you get the picture.

Sometimes this means that my son will go through difficult times, low moments, sickness, etc. so that he can become more like Christ. I need to be all right with that and even rejoice that the good work is progressing. I want that in his life in the worst way. In both of my boy's lives.

On a more mundane note, my first exercise session in two weeks was a rousing success - warm up for 4 minutes, jog for 22 minutes, cool down for 4 minutes. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I may need to up the intensity soon. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.


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