It seems to be working

Well, we instituted a "no video before bed" policy on school nights and it seems to be working out all right. Of course, they got to watch one last night as the oldest has today off for Veteran's Day, but it seems to be holding and I think we are better off for it. We let them watch pretty much zero television (save their videos and the Veggies and Penguins on Saturday mornings when we are around) and I think that is a good thing.

Of course I realized how dependent I was on their video time too. Like last night when they were watching their Thomas video I went to get milk and other items and got the parent's mail in. It was nice to sit when they went to bed. Sometimes I would mop the kitchen floor when they were in front of their video too. Well, my routine had to change as well and, even through that, it was a good change.


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