Busy and frustrating

Wow - it has been a super busy and frustrating week this week.

Last Saturday I stubbed my little toe on my left foot and it has not healed sufficiently for me to exercise. That has been so frustrating to me I almost want to scream. It is funny how ingrained my morning exercises have become into my routine that I miss them when they are not there. Skipping them on vacation is one thing, but when I am home, well, that is another story I guess. I am pressuring myself to get back into the swing of things and, of course, that presents its own issues. What is that about not letting circumstances control how I feel? Yeah - easier siad than done I am afraid. I guess I can rest in the fact that I realize I am falling into that trap. But how much better would it be if I actually did something about it? Don't answer that.

Work has been super busy as well and it looks like we'll be slipping software relase dates AGAIN for a large customer I am working with. It is not all our fault and I am not the one in charge, but, again, wouldn't it be great to hit all of our dates? We're working hard to deliver what we can by the middle of next month.

And then there are the leaves. All down from our trees and ready to be picked up. If the rain and snow would ever stop. I think drop-dead date for getting them up is this weekend. Regardless of how wet and miserable it is I think I have zero choice in the matter. Thankfully the roof and gutters are somewhat clean.

No wishes for something different because I have exactly what I need. Just a time to vent, put it out there, and get it on His agenda. Right...as if it wasn't already.


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