Adam Raccoon

My boys and I have been enjoying a series of books that some friends of ours lent to us called Adam Raccoon by Glen Keane. My favorite is Adam Raccoon and the Flying Machine. The oldest likes Adam Raccoon and the Lost Woods and I think the youngest is still undecided, but the bully one where Adam plays soccer seems to be a favorite with him.

I really enjoy the drawings and the story line of each one of the books. They are real doorways to go over what Adam did wrong, what the lion, Kin Aren, encouraged him to do, and how Adam succeeded. I catch the boys every once and a while opening the books up and going through them on their own so I know that they are not something I am forcing them into. They have taken a genuine like to these little books.

These books are definitely a good gift from God and I am so glad that they were brought into their little lives. And mine too.


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