To Forgive - Steve Taylor

Above is a Reuters photo showing the Pope (John Paul II) speaking to the man that attempted to assassinate him. He forgave him.
In high school this song was one of the defining lyrics in my emerging relationship with Christ:

I saw a man
he was holding the hand
that had fired a gun at his heart
oh, will we live
to forgive?

I saw the eyes
and the look of surprise
as he left an indelible mark
oh, will we live?
to forgive?

Come...find release
go...make your peace

Follow his lead
let the madness recede
when we shatter the cycle of pain
oh, we will live
to forgive

Come...find release
go...make your peace

I saw a man
with a hole in His hand
who could offer the miracle cure
oh, He said live
I forgive


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