Slow and, hopefully, sure

OK so I have calmed down a little bit from yesterday but not much. There is still a lot going on, but, slowly, I am getting on top of things. But that is life…everyday stuff that make a hero or zero out of me. I am firmly convinced that heroic acts can be done by anyone. I can stand jumping into an icy cold river to save someone or even taking a bullet for someone because something just takes over at that point and I would be, essentially, out of my mind. Day to day is the mettle of who I am. That is where people see me for who I really am. Rarely is this on display in social settings although there have been times in my life where it has slipped out (in a bad way). My wife and children know me well. I pray that they like what they see and quickly forget that which they don’t.

Deep breaths. Know that this is not the last of the roller coaster rides. But, Lord willing, there will be down time again for me to reflect on this time.


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