Laughed then followed

I would have laughed…at least on the inside. Had you told me with my Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Social Work that I would be working in corporate America a mere three years out of school I would not have believed you. And sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it. At times I struggle with working to pad someone’s pocket. I guess I would like the motivations of the shareholders here to be more altruistic. Kind of dumb I know but that would relieve my angst. The struggle is exacerbated by the fact that shifting gears has enabled my wife to stay home with the boys. That would have been impossible on my social worker salary. This is for her and them and I know it has been good for them. And for me as well.

Would I like to get “back into” social work? Yes. It is the first career that I fell in love with and I am still in love with it. Pining for it at times. It is more lifestyle than work and it suited me well. But God has His way – and I firmly believe I am further along His way being where I am.


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