The day is here...the time is now

I had a great conversation with my boys last night when they were just about to get into bed for the night. In response to the youngest boy’s prayer we talked about the fact that Jesus does love us and that praying is talking to God. We also talked about the blessings that God has given us and what He wants us to do with those blessings. The youngest was so engaged in the topic that he moved from the foot of the bed and planted himself right in front of me so close that I could feel his breath on my face.

I am thankful that they are sensitive to spiritual things and that they have a concept that there is something bigger than themselves that is infinitely more important than the garbage that so often dominates our lives. I know where that sensitivity comes from. God continues to chase them down in spite of my mistakes and, too often, my intentions. I am looking forward to more and more of these conversations as time goes on. And, although I do not want this day to come too quickly, I am looking forward to the day when they teach others about the God whom they love. Ultimately I want to. someday, stand side by side with them and work the field of souls together.

Lord, please guide my hands, feet, and lips toward this goal. May the very things that I do prove to them that You sent Your Son to die in our place. Let my actions produce and attraction to him that will result in their salvation and godliness.


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